Our Principle




Mission Statement


"To become the best partner for electronic accessories."

Michael Wendt, Managing Partner



"A deal is only a good deal, when it`s win-win!"

Dietmar Wendt, Company Founder



"We offer the most attractive product portfolio, the best possible service and the most reliable customer support in our line of business. In order to make it possible for our customers to be successful in the long term, we hire the best people available with the aim to employ them long-term."

Michael Wendt, Managing Partner






Fundamental Values


We do exactly what we enjoy most and what we can do best. Each member of the Wentronic family is willing to give their very best at any time – driven by passion for the products and services we offer. We are proud of our employees and in turn, they motivate us to continuously look for improvements, to develop new ideas and to reappraise the established. And because it is that way, we always fight for the best solution – passionately and with commitment.



Sustainable good business only works in real partnership among business partners. Authentic, personal customer relations are key to our success. Only through personal interaction it is possible to develop a good understanding and to be able to solve any problem. Through years of doing business together, real trust and understanding can develop, beneficial to both parties.



We have a clear understanding of who we are and how we want to go about our business. We don´t hesitate to go unusual ways to find the best and least complicated solution for our partners. Clearly defined processes, close co-operation and proper competencies are standard for us and not just a matter of chance. This is how we are able to act quicker, be more reliable and straight forward than may be the case elsewhere.



Wentronic wants to exceed expectations. It is our ambition to perform better, offer more service and variety, consult best practice at all times and react more flexibly than one would normally expect. We are absolutely competitive, have a high quality awareness and benchmark ourselves in our business sector continuously. To be just another cheap sourcing facility is not our way to do business. However, we always endeavour to offer the best service for a reasonable price. Whenever we achieve the best possible combination of the two, our mission has been successful and the trust our customers place in us is confirmed.



Wentronic professes in every aspect to responsibility, trust, respect and commitment. We pay great attention to the well-being of our employees and have the highest respect for our customers, suppliers and service staff. Ecological conservation, encouragement of education, society and sports, as well as compliance to private data protection are central pillars of our daily actions.



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