Product Safety


Possible risk of electric shock to user:
Product recall for Goobay® USB hubs

Goobay® 7-port SuperSpeed USB hub including power supply unit, item number: 67836
Goobay® 9-port SuperSpeed USB hub including power supply unit, item number: 67834

Goobay® USB hubs with item numbers 67836 and 67834 are recalled immediately for safety reasons. A metrological test has shown that the power supply units supplied with the abovementioned products do not comply with the Low Voltage Directive of the CE standard. There is a risk of electric shock for users under unfortunate circumstances. The products must not continue to be used!

Although we are so far unaware of any incidents, we ask our customers to return the affected products immediately. Please check your stock for the Goobay 7-port SuperSpeed USB hub with item number 67836 and the Goobay 9-port SuperSpeed USB hub with item number 67834 and stop selling the products immediately.

To return the products, please contact our customer service via the e-mail address

We apologise for the inconvenience.



EU Declaration of Conformity

In the EU Declaration of Conformity, the manufacturer or, if located abroad the EU, his authorized representative or importer / quasi-manufacturer in the EU confirms, that any product he places on the market, complies with the essential health and safety requirements of all relevant European directives, so it is compliant with them. The EU Declaration of Conformity is the basis for the CE marking when applying CE directives.

At Wentronic you will find the EU Declaration of Conformity of each article by entering the respective article number or the name of the product in the search. The document is located below the item description in the Downloads area.


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